Restart a Heart Day 2020

We have not been able to visit schools to provide our usual face-to-face CPR training on Restart a Heart Day this year - but we have provided online sessions instead!

Why don't you learn CPR? You can watch the sessions below.

School Resources

Certificate QR Code

Certificate of completion

Once you have completed your training scan this code to get your certificate.

CPR training resources in Makaton

We are proud to work in partnership with the Makaton charity to provide CPR training resources in Makaton, a language programme that combines signs, symbols and speech to provide multiple ways for someone to communicate.

The use of signs can support people who have unclear or no speech and symbols can help those who have limited speech and cannot, or prefer not to sign.

Makaton transforms the lives of those with communication difficulties by giving them a way to express themselves independently which is proven to overcome frustration and promote inclusion. Visit to find out more.