Hundreds of volunteers help us to deliver the face-to-face training on Restart a Heart Day!

A number of instructors are allocated a school based on the number of students a school has requested training for. The length of time we spend at each school depends entirely on how many pupils we are teaching. Our instructors teach the children how to perform CPR using a tutorial video with practical instruction on manikins. Children will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

We accommodate class sizes to match the number of manikins schools have (one manikin per pupil). Our volunteers will visit your school for anything from an hour to the full day to teach as many groups as possible. Based on the length of each session, we can potentially deliver 10 sessions in a school day.

The instructors are predominantly Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff who have volunteered to deliver this training on their day off. Most will be clinicians (Paramedics/Emergency Medical Technicians etc.) but there will also be staff from other departments providing assistance. A large number of community first responders will be involved and we work in partnership with St John Ambulance, fire and rescue services, NHS organisations and other partners which also provide volunteers. A lead volunteer will also be allocated to each school and will be responsible for the event at each location.

If you are interested in volunteering to help us deliver the training on Wednesday 16 October 2024, please email yas.restartaheart@nhs.net

Social media

We would love your support to help us raise awareness of the value of CPR and encourage members of the public to learn this vital skill. Here are some images you can share to spread the word on social media.