CPR simulation video

07 October 2022

Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff star in a new immersive 360 CPR simulation training video which has been developed for Restart a Heart Day.

The immersive content can be viewed on a range of devices, including phones and virtual reality headsets, and sets out the scenario of a student coming across a stranger in cardiac arrest. It takes you through what to do and how to give the patient the best chance of survival by starting CPR. The scenario allows you to interact with the virtual environment to get a 360-degree view, and see what is above, below, and all around you.

Richard Grice, Technology Enhanced Learning Developer in the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Academy, developed the simulation. He said: “The idea of an immersive scenario is to give viewers a lifelike perspective. By having an immersive, unique perspective, we can offer a memorable and interactive user experience which will help to teach more people how to do CPR.”

Thanks to Chelsea Frankling, Lewis Jones, Sarah Tate, Jon Thordarson, Drew Kilpatrick, Sally Norton and Jason Carlyon for starring in the video.

More CPR training resources are available here.